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EC Chemical Bio is specialized in the design and implementation of production plants for the manufacturing of Ethyl Alcohol Dehydrate Ethanol for fuel and Industrial Alcohol.

EC Chemical Bio has available the know how and newest technologies for fermentation, distillation and dehydration of Ethanol. In several sections EC Chemical Bio is cooperating with companies from Germany and the United States.

EC Chemical Bio has experience in development and construction of Pharmaceutical Production Plants.
- Prepare and manage correspondence, reports and documents.
- Organize and coordinate meetings, conferences, travel, arrangements.
- Take, Type and distribute minutes of meetings
- Maintain schedules and calendars
- Arrange and confirm appointments
- Organize internal and external events
- Handle incoming mail and other material
- Set up and maintain filing systems
- Liaison with internal and external contacts
- Operate office equipment
- Maintain databases
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ʶҹ軯Ժѵԧҹ  Bangkok
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1. Bachelor Degree
2. At least 3-5 years experience in secretarial field or related field
3. Good communication in English (Speaking, Listening and Writing)
4. Can work under presssure
5. Good interpersonal skills
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觻ѵǹҷ ecchembiotechno@hotmail.com
Դ  Ms. Tidarat Chaeng-uksorn
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400 Moo 11, Phairojkijja Buiding, 6th floor, Bangna-Trad Road, Khetr Bangna, Bangkok ا෾ҹ  10260
Tel:02-361-4708-9  Fax:02-744-3369
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