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ٹ͡ѧ¨ҡѧ лʺ稷š ѺԴԡ 25 Ң 㹡ا෾ еҧѧѴ ҡسͧÓǹ˹觢ͧ稡ѺҔ յ˹觧ҹͤس ѧ
Senior Area Club Facilities Manager
Job Purpose
To Manage over all Facilities Department
To Manage the preventive maintenance, repair and refurbishment of all club facilities, equipment, building service installations and décor to ensure that they are kept in excellent condition / working order.

Job Responsibilities
Over all Manage the ad-hoc repair and maintenance of all equipment, installations and décor using the Job Request system as speedily as possible and ensure that facilities are kept in excellent working condition.
Manage Daily, weekly and monthly scheduling of all preventative and routine maintenance within pre-approved budgets.
Regularly audit the club equipment, installation and décor and the maintenance systems in place with relentless pursuit to ensure first class facilities are provided to the members
Identify, recruit, train technician staff with will contribute to the future growth of the company.
Assist the Club Managers to action/rectify all member complaints relating to Facilities before they escalate to Director level or legal liability.
Assist the Project Manager in the motoring.
Balance the requirements of people, financial and operational management.
ѵ  1 ѵ
Թ͹  60,000 -80,000 ҷ
ʶҹ軯Ժѵԧҹ  ǧͧ ࢵͧ
ѧѴ  ا෾ҹ
1. Male with Thai nationality, age over 35 years old
2. Bachelor&s Degree in Facilities Management, Electrical , Mechanical or related field
3. Minimum 10 years of experience in Facility management as Manager Level
4. Strong knowledge in Preventive maintenance Planning and Air Conditioning system
5. Identify and prioritise issues
6. Willingness to work long and anti-social hours.
7. Able to communicate in English
8. Good communication skill with others
9. Computer Literacy (Microsoft Office)
ʴԡ  - ѹشШӻ 15 ѹ
- ѹشѡ͹Шӻ
- СѹآҾ лСѹԵ
- Сѹѧ ͧعԹ᷹
- ͧعͧ§վ
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- ѡҹ͡ѧ¿շءҢ
- ͺǾѡҹѺǹŴҺԡ͡ѧ͹
- ֡ͺҧҪվ͹ҹ
- ͡ʡ˹ҷҧҪվ
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