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Warehouse Manager
Job Descriptions:-

Responsible for all warehousing operations, including warehouse capacity utilization, inventory control and security.

Ensure that all goods picked for delivery are of the correct quantity and of acceptable quality to avoid unnecessary delay in delivery and also to protect the companys image.

Supervise team members in respect of planning distribution schedules and determining daily transportation requirements to ensure delivery schedules are met in a timely manner.

Controlling the Transportation schedule.

Prepare store reports for all incoming goods and all deliveries.

Prepare analytical reports for management.
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1. Thai Nationality, above 35 years old.
2. Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree in related field.
3. At least 5 years in warehouse management preferably in Automotive Business.
4. At least 5 years experience in manager level .
5. Strong knowledge and experience in warehouse management systems.
6. Results-oriented able to deliver in challenging.
7. Pro-active/self-starter delivers above and beyond expectations to meet goals without waiting for instruction
8. Team player experience working in diverse, multi-talented teams.
9. Excellent presentation, communication, and negotiation skills.
10. Good command of spoken and written in English. Ability to use MS Office. (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
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