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Training Manager / Assistant Training Manager
Job Responsibility :-
Plan, implement and monitor employee training, development and allied activities to enhance individual and organizations performance and skills advantage.
Evolve learning, development strategy and road map.
Identify employee development needs and address these by different learning methodologies, such as e-Learning, Classroom training, Workshops and Lecture-Demonstration
Plan, develop, and implement internal and external training programs.
Evaluate training effectiveness and follow up on developmental activities.
Coordinate employee development activities with local HR and line Managers.
Support local HR Managers on training needs analysis and development initiatives.
Design and implement employee induction programs.
Generate awareness on development activities, development tools and best practices on the companys intranet.
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1. Male age above 30 years old
2. Bachelors or Masters degree in Human Resources or any other related field
3. 5-10 years experienced in training and development functions
4. Experience in running project management
5. Good knowledge in labor law
6. Experience in initiating training programs
7. Conceptual view of whole training process
8. Able to interact with all levels of management and vendors. Analytical and creative approach
9. Good team player with excellent presentation, communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills
10. Able to work independently and good at multi-tasking
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