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Lactasoy Co.,Ltd. is a well established soymilk manufacturer in Thailand with over 20 years of experience in producing high quality soymilk using UHT process. Lactasoy brand soymilk is the market leader in Thailand and the favorite drink of choice of the Thai people. With its nation wide distribution network and efficient operation, Lactasoy produces over 200 millions packs per year . Increasing to serve the increasing demand of the Thai people for its product. It is now operating the latest in packaging technology , using Combibloc from Germany and Tetra Pak from Sweden to provide its customer with the best packaging and trustworthy quality drink
Process Development Engineer / Industrail Engineer
Active in supporting all work process and commit to ensure the compliance with GMP,HACCP,ISO and company standards as well as responsible for process development program, implementing new standards and setting up KPIs.

- Gather and analyze the existing operation processes and provide recommendations and refinements for work processes and plans
- Develop and implement operation standards
- Set up KPIs and other performance measures in each particular process
- Conduct training and knowledge sharing to employees on GMPs requirement, Code of Hygienic to practices,quality system and company's reqirements
- Design activities to create collaboration among employees to achieve organizational goal
- Create and operate knowledge base management for the organization
- Participate in tracing back and analyzing root causes of nonconformity products
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ʶҹ軯Ժѵԧҹ  ѷ Ťҫ ӡѴ (çҹҨչ)
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1. Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering or related field
2. Preferably 1 year experience in food manufacturing
3. Good knowledge of GMP,HACCP,ISO and/or equivalent Quality Assurance System
4. Good knowledge of international manufacturing management tools and concepts
5. Cost, Quality and Efficiency Focus
6. Good command of written and spoken English
7. Good team player
8. Strong interpersonal, management, and problem-solving skill
9. Computer literacy; Proficiency in MS Office programs
ʴԡ  Attractive salary and other benefits will be offered to the suitable candidate
ԸաѤ  Intersted candidate should submit full resume and recrent photo by
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