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English Department for Kindergarten
-Teach Phonics to kindergarten students, produce grade reports, and communicate with homeroom teachers regarding student progress. (Special consideration will be given for teach phonics to kindergarten students.)
- Recruit and manage a group of 5-8 Thai and foreign teachers in coordination with kindergarten homeroom teams.
- Develop and implement effective teaching and learning strategies.
- Create lesson plan in consistent with schools curriculum, evaluate students performance as a group and individuals to continuously improve teaching strategy.
- Monitor and evaluate teaching standards, classroom management and students progresses and Assist teachers in maintaining high student achievement of program objectives,
- Order and manage textbook and other instructional materials
- Implement strategies within the department in support of the Schools Development Plan and contribute to the English Development Plan where appropriate.
- Support the professional development of all departmental staff appropriate to their needs and experience.
- Continuously develop kindergarten curriculum in conjunction with primary curriculum development.

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Թ͹  18000-30000 ҷ
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1. Bachelors Degree
2. Experience with curriculum development
3. Experience leading a small multicultural team
4. Throughout understanding of Phonics
5. Teacher with two or more years of classroom experience in the areas of expertise are preferred
6. Excellent English communication skills both written and verbal
7. Flexibility to work well in a team and to be self-motivated
8. Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, students, and parents
9. Capability to organize and coordinate multiple tasks and to work under time pressure to meet deadlines
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